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Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Why do you need a virtual tour for your business?

If you have a business like: gym, restaurant, shop, calceto etc. where the clints need to look at the environment to choose you then virtual tour is the ideal solution for your business!

What do we offer for you?

A 360° interactive panorama is worth hundreds of ordinary pictures. We are committed to providing you with interactive 360° panorama views. The perfect quality of 360° images are at the center of our attention. We show great care and commitment at every step of the process of creating the Virtual Tour. It includes: photography with the highest quality professional cameras, image processing by our experts, correction and retusing. We can guarantee that your business audiences are impressed! Within a few minutes, the customer is ready to make your reservation in your business!

More about Virtual Tour

When connected to a VR system, the user may be able to move their head around at a full 360 motion to see everyone around them. Some VR environments use special hand tools and floors that can make the user feel like they can walk around and interact with virtual objects.

There are several different types of VR systems. Some use your existing smartphone or computer, but others need to connect to a gaming keyboard to work. A user can put a head-mounted screen that connects directly to the device so they can watch movies, play video games, explore the world of fantasy or real-life places, try high-risk sports, learn how to fly an airplane or have an operation – even more.
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